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13 Unsplash Alternatives to Find Free Stock Photos

13 Unsplash Alternatives to Find Free Stock Photos

Unsplash is the first and most popular website to which people head for free stock photos. Most of the photos on Unsplash are beautiful and high-resolution, and Medium’s Unsplash Integration makes it easy for writers to add Unsplash photos to their stories.

Unsplash, though, comes with some downsides. Nearly everyone else is using photos from Unsplash, making some of the Unsplash photos very common. Lastly, not every photo on Unsplash is beautiful or high-quality.

Notable Mentions

Burst by Shopify

Burst by Shopify is home to high-resolution, truly stunning photos. Every single photo on this platform has been shot by a master. Even better, these photos have been skillfully curated into topics, making it easy to find the photo you want. Now that I know about Burst, I’m definitely going to be using some of their photos for my stories.


Picjumbo has always been a personal favorite of mine. Run by individual photographer Victor Hanacek, every single photo on this website is high-quality and beautifully shot. It doesn’t matter what photo you pick, because all of them look good.


Like Unsplash, Pixabay has free stock photos of all kinds. But unlike Unsplash, Pixabay also has free stock vector graphics and illustrations. For those of you who want to use something a little different from the standard photo, Pixabay can offer that for you.


If you’re looking for stock photos of food prep or completed meals, Foodiesfeed has you covered. They have a wide variety of all kinds of different, high-quality food photos.


In most ways, Kaboompics is a standard Unsplash alternative. But Kaboompics has a feature Unsplash does not: you can search images by color. If you are looking for an image with a particular color for your story, such as a fun pink children’s image or a beautiful blue image of the sky, Kaboompics can help you.

Styled Stock

Like Kaboompics, Styled Stock allows you to sort search results not only by search terms or photo orientation but by color as well. Styled Stock has a feminine vibe, so their photos will be perfect for mommy bloggers or those who write about feminist issues.

Unsplash Alternatives

If you can’t find something you like on the sites above, here is a list of seven more Unsplash alternatives. All of these websites are more or less the same as Unsplash, with a searchable collection of free stock photos.

  1. Pexels
  3. Isorepublic
  4. Skitterphoto
  5. Reshot
  6. Picography
  7. Focastock