2 Entertaining and Educational iOS Apps You’ll Love

It’s been years since society started waking up to how dangerous screen time can be — yet you’re probably more addicted to your phone than ever. In 2022, the average American spends 5 and a half hours on their phone every day.

That’s especially bad when you consider the majority of that time is spent on social media. I would include a bunch of links to studies about why social media is bad, but I should hope that at this point you don’t need a waterfall of statistics to understand how dangerous social media can be.

A great first step to breaking the dangerous cycle of digital addiction is to delete your social media (and other addicting apps) and replace them with some fun and educational options. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better about your phone use when you’re learning about geography and new skills instead of about conspiracy theories and new world terrors.


Earlier this month, my mother introduced me to a free online game called Worldle. Every day, you are shown the outline for a random nation, and you have six tries to guess which nation it is. It took me only two days of playing this game to realize I didn’t know jack shit about geography. (Yes, I am a stereotypical American).

I decided I needed to properly teach myself geography as soon as freaking possible. After scouring the app store for a few days, I decided the best geography-teaching app was the beautiful and easy-to-use geotrainer.

You probably have a better grasp of geography than I did when I started using this app. But I promise you, you still have plenty to learn. Geotrainer will not only teach you about all the populated and major nations in the world, but tiny nations and territories you’ve never even heard of before as well.

You may think you understand world affairs, but having a detailed understanding of global geography enhances your understanding that much more.

The School of Life

There are a lot of self-help apps that purport to teach their users about themselves and the world around them. I’ve read a lot of self-help in my time, and I’ve gotta say, I find most of these self-help apps disappointing. They rehash the same tired old cliches and seem to help only those who haven’t tried much in the first place.

The School of Life’s app is different. It’s the first self-help app I’ve ever used that is actually worth the money.

On the home page is a daily feed of content curated specially for you. Unlike social media feeds, you can reach the end of your School of Life feed, ensuring you don’t spend a whole day scrolling.

In their topics section, you can find all their content organized into topics based on challenges you’re facing in your life — and I’ll be damned if this isn’t some of the best self-help I’ve ever read. It’s like the editors at The School of Life can read my mind. They seem to know exactly what I’m struggling with and exactly what I need to read to overcome it. That’s quite an accomplishment, given I’ve read every bestseller self-help book on the market and have had several years of intense therapy.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of ways to use your smartphone to screw around and make your own life worse — but there are a lot of ways to use it to make your life better, too. If you’re struggling to find something to do and want to make your own life better, give these apps a try.