Mastering Minimalism

The Ultimate Guide to the Minimalist Lifestyle

Released December 2021

Mastering Minimalism will teach you how you can apply the minimalist philosophy to all areas of your life so you can benefit from this philosophy in every way possible. You don’t need to be rich or have lots of free time on your hands – minimalism can be applied to anyone’s lifestyle, no matter their circumstances. If you’re ready for a change, Mastering Minimalism is perfect for you.

Mark Umstot
March 17th, 2022
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"This book + Joshua Becker's The More of Less + reading what you want on The Minimalists' website = everything you need to start and continue your journey into minimalism."
January 24th, 2022
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"This is absolutely one of the best books I have ever read and I have read so many! ... I cannot recommend this book enough! Thank you so much Megan!"
Saúl Huitzil
February 4th, 2022
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"I really enjoyed reading this wonderful book. Without hesitation it is now on my list of books to recommend."

Work Less, Finish More

Productivity Lessons on How to Spend Less Time Working and Get More Done

Released November 2020

Are you tired of working long hours and not getting anything done? Do you feel like your work is never finished? You’re constantly behind on everything, and it feels like there’s no end in sight?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Work Less, Finish More is a concise and to-the-point book that will teach you key productivity principles the masters of time management use to spend less time working and more time relaxing and enjoying their lives.

September 20th, 2021
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"This book is a great collection of tips and tricks for time management and productivity with Holstein’s own personal stories of struggle and success."
December 15th, 2021
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"I’ve read a number of ‘productivity and procrastination solution’ self-help books over the years and this one is beautifully clear, short and concise. It’s among my favorites as it’s very easy to put into effect."
Steffi Lee
September 18th, 2021
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"Megan shares important insight about how minimalism can help you eliminate decision fatigue, which has already made a difference in how I approach things in the short time since I've read this book. I encourage everyone to read this book to boost productivity in their day-to-day lives."

iPhone App Design for Entrepreneurs

Find Success on the App Store without Coding

Released April 2015
Republished with Apress in March 2019

Make an app from start to finish on your own or with a dedicated team. This book is your all-in-one, go-to resource for designing, building, and marketing, a trending app that others flock to buy. Use detailed analysis to decide what designs you should choose and whether you should learn to code or hire someone else to do the trench work for you.

April 3rd, 2015
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"Idea to App is a must read for those new to building a company out of an app. Forget about all of the technical know-how of coding an app - this book addresses the critically important and often forgotten aspect of actually getting people to use your app and earn you money."
Nate Grose
April 16th, 2015
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"Idea to App was a phenomenal read. The information that was provided can serve as a very well written guide for any inexperienced entrepreneur. It touched on nearly every aspect that must be considered while developing an app, and that has allowed me to make better decisions in my company."
April 9th, 2015
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"Provides the reader with already existing services and utilizing a pro-con format allows for a read that does not go over the head, this book dispenses with the clutter and offers relate-able advice on the How's and What's and Where's."