Pufferfish Software was a business that made therapy apps for autistic children. We made the following apps for iPhone and iPad:

  • Visual Routine
  • Social Stories
  • Present A Choice
  • Touch Talking
  • Emotion Cards

I started Pufferfish Software in early 2011, when I was 15 years old. The iPad had just come out, and there were no apps for autism in sight. My autistic brother Jason and his therapists were my first customers.

We went on to sell over 14,000 apps over the next four years to therapists and caregivers all over the country.

As large medical companies entered the app space with large budgets and reams of research supporting their apps, the time came for us to step down. Pufferfish Software closed its doors in 2014.

To everyone who partnered with Pufferfish to make great apps, and to our customers who worked tirelessly to make the lives of those with autism better, thank you. It was a great ride. I couldn’t have hoped for better.