What My Minimalist Phone Looks Like In 2022

My Home Screen

There are only 12 apps and one widget on my iPhone’s one home screen.

  1. Ulysses, for logging article ideas
  2. TickTick, for to-do and habit tracking
  3. Whatsapp
  4. CML Mobile, for my local library
  5. Craigslist, for finding free stuff
  6. Nextdoor, also for finding free stuff
  7. Daylio, for logging my mood
  8. Phone
  9. Music
  10. Signal, for messaging
  11. Messages
  12. My calendar widget.

My Notifications

Anecdotes suggest the average number of notifications per day people get is somewhere in the range of 75–100 per day. My daily average is much better: 36.

How to Become a Mobile Minimalist

I’m not suggesting you reconfigure your phone to look like mine today. If you dive in right now and delete all your social media, all your apps, and all your notifications, you’ll probably break down and redownload them all again less than a week from now. All that will do is make you feel frustrated and discouraged.

  1. Delete all your mobile phone games.
  2. Download some educational apps you can play with instead of social media or mobile phone games. Duolingo and Brilliant are a great place to start.
  3. Set up downtime for your phone. Have it turn off all notifications before bed and while you’re asleep.
  4. Configure night shift so your display turns orange at night. This will encourage you to sleep instead of staring into the display all night.

In Conclusion

You already know being on your phone too much is getting in the way of you living a good life. All that’s left is for you to stop justifying your bad habit to yourself and take the leap. You’ll be bored and uncomfortable for a few weeks, but the improvement in your quality of life will be well worth it.