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You Can Get Bestselling Books for  or Less Using Bookbub

You Can Get Bestselling Books for $2 or Less Using Bookbub

Being a voracious reader is expensive. Even if you have a library card, there will inevitably be books you want to read that aren’t available. Or, you’ll place a hold on a book only to find the wait is months long. In these circumstances, buying a book is the only thing you can do.

Books can be as much as $30 a pop. If you’re reading multiple books a week, that cost can add up fast. But not if you’re using Bookbub’s wishlist feature.

Bookbub is a website that features book deals. If you sign up for an account, they will send you emails on a daily or weekly basis with book recommendations and deals from around Amazon. You can turn those regular notification emails off if you don’t want more email clutter. The game-changer here is Bookbub’s wishlist feature.

Any time you add a book to your Bookbub wishlist, you sign up to be notified when that book is discounted to $2 or less for a Bookbub deal. Instead of getting random deals on random books, you’ll get notified about deals on books you want to read.

Now, any time I think a book looks interesting or I make plans to read it in the future, I open on my phone and add that book to my wishlist. Bookbub will now notify me if the publisher runs a sweet deal.

Using Bookbub to find deals on books has saved me hundreds of dollars on books. Maybe it can save you a bunch of money too.

An example of a deal alert I received in my email

This is not a sponsored post. I’m just a huge, huge fan of Bookbub’s service.